The Suzuki X90… As bad as it looks?

Me and my mate stumbled across an almost ancient Suzuki X90 on sale for a couple hundred quid. We decided it would be a good toy to have over the summer, for my friend owns a lost of private land, so we wouldn’t need to get the car insured and could raz it round the fields and modify it as we go, turning it into a Mad Max-esque vehicle which wouldn’t look out of place in an apocalypse.


We bought it without much research and therefore weren’t even sure if the car was meant ot have any off road capability at all. Fortunately upon its first drive around that mass of farm land, we were both actually pretty shocked at how much the X90 could handle. They are pretty rare, we couldnt even find a second hand Suzuki X-90 on autotrader, and yet we had got our hands on one, and we could do whatever we like with it!

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