My recommended luxury cars

Luxury cars may be the reserve for those who aren’t short of cash but they still play an important role for the car industry.  The technologies which appear in these top models are the ones which make its way down to the more everyday cars which it becomes more affordable. Not just the on-board technology but also the safety features and fuel-saving systems. I have decided to compile a list of the popular luxury cars which might appeal to someone in that market.

I’m going to start my list with possibly my favourite he Used Jaguar XF. The latest model cause quite a stir when it first came onto the market as it’s so different from its predecessor. The XF is a big luxury car and rivals the likes of the BMW 7 series and the Used Audi A8. In my opinion it’s one of the most stylish cars in its class and offers a distinctive, beautiful and luxurious interior with plenty of power and performance too.  The XF is however, quite a firm drive making it not as comfortable as another one of its rivals the Mercedes S-Class. The XF also has limited rear headroom and it comes attached with expensive running costs too.

Next up is the Second Hand Audi A7. The A7 was built to bridge the gap between the A6 and A8. The A7 is for you if you like the idea of driving a large executive but can’t see yourself behind the wheel of a big, heavy saloon then the A7 is the one for you.  It’s loaded with technology and an extremely stylish car. Practically it’s good with a big boot, and it’s comfortable and relaxing to drive. As you can expect from an Audi it has incredible interior quality and design. The only think this car suffers with is the rear head room which is right for taller adults apart from that you can’t go wrong with it.

The Used Mercedes-Benz CLS is the next car to make my list. The CLS is one of the most stylish saloons on the road. It not only had good looks and drive appeal of a coupe but it’s also very practical. It is beautifully built and has head turning looks with strong performance which makes it a perfect contender. The only negatives I could really pick up on the stunning car was that option extras are expensive and there’s no five-seat option which is quite surprising.

Finally the Used BMW 7 Series completes the list. Although it’s fair to say the 7 series isn’t the finest looking car from the German Brand, when it comes to quality and refinement, then not much can match it. The 7 series is the perfect vehicle for covering long motorway distances in luxurious comfort. The downside with this car is that it does suffer poor resale values and it does have uneconomical petrol engines.

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