Cheaper MOT & Servicing

If you’re a motorist in the UK, you’ll know that your vehicle is required by law to be MOT tested annually. If you want to maximise residual values and keep your car in the best condition possible, you’ll also need to take it for a service about once a year too.

These two expenses can represent a significant proportion of your disposable income, but there really is no way around them if you’re a UK driver. Whether you drive a used Honda Civic or a brand new Bentley Continental, an MOT will be required by law and it would be a foolish decision to not take it for regular servicing.

The question is, how can you save money on your MOT or service, and how do you know what is a reasonable price for one?

For the vast majority of us, the process is simple. When the time of year comes to get our vehicle serviced or MOT tested, we will take it down to the nearest garage and probably accept the first price we are quoted without questioning it.thinker

This is hassle free and gets the job done, but what if we are paying over the odds? And how are we to know if there is another garage around the corner which offers the same service for less? Wasting unnecessary money on an over-priced service, only to be told we need a new clutch fitted, is not a pleasant experience.

However, thanks to leading UK automotive site, all of that is about to change. They have introduced an online MOT and service centre comparison site, which allows drivers to find out where to get the cheapest deal for their car in their area.

The process really couldn’t be easier; the user enters the make and model of their vehicle as well as the details of their local area, and within seconds a list of garages along with their prices are displayed by proximity to the postcode.

It could save you £££s over years to come.

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